Daily Prompt- By the skin of your teeth


Daily Prompt- By the skin of your teeth

To remember a time where I narrowly avoided a disaster is like asking me to tell you the timeline of my life. My mind is full of bad ideas and the hopelessness to follow them through. I can go from, not getting caught stealing a carton of cigarettes to not getting hit by a car because of my “cat-like reflexes.” I would have to go back to my little baby time, and the day that my sister gave in to her pain. The cops were called on my dad for harassing two young girls; they went to talk to my older sister to satisfy their suspicions, they got a hell of a lot more than they asked for too. She told them everything, every detail, all the things he did to her . . . the things he forced her to do for him. After that, he was taken to prison; that man was out of my life completely. Taking my father away was a blessing in disguise, I know in my heart, and so does my mom and older siblings, that he stuck around until me and my twin sister grew up, we would’ve been next. I would’ve been violated just as much as my beautiful sister. Would’ve been beaten on when i made even the smallest mistake, then, eventually I would be hard pressed to protect my baby sister and brother from my fathers’ wrath and lustful nature. It would’ve been a much harder life than I have now and I know that my depression would’ve been deeper than even now and I would be dead on the inside and out. 


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