Stress by the Pound


Stress is a thing that no human being can get away from. No amount of food that you shove down your mouth, no amount of weed inhaled or alcohol drank, pills downed, there is nothing that can relieve you of the simple idea of stressful life. Everyone has it in some form, some place, somewhere.

You can simplify it though. Adding to it, that’s no plan I would follow. The alcohol, the drugs, the self-harm/mutilation, illegal activities, go ahead and try it but I guarantee that it will get worse. The pain, the suffocation, the heartbreak will only deepen. That feeling of helplessness will drown you until there’s no coming back. Now, I know you ask for help but really . . . do you want it? Are you striving to get it? Are you using your whole being to get yourself out of that hole you dug? Are you really?

To get help, you have to want it. You can ask for it, you can get the pills and the therapists, you can get hospitalization and all that jazz; but unless you want it, unless you try, you will be stuck, for as long as you let yourself be stuck.

The bible says that God will never give you anything more than he knows you can handle. Now I struggle with my belief in God but I’ll be damned if I don’t try my hardest to believe in that verse. It is the one thing that might be able to keep me above the water knowing that someone out there can see what I’m struggling with and knows that I can handle the next obstacle about to get thrown at me. If I know, truly know, that someone is only pulling me up instead of pushing me down, then maybe I can pull myself up to. 


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