Living color


Christmas is coming.

The most over used, cliche, fucked over, holiday we have. (That and Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, 4th of July, etc.)

Every holiday that has come into America’s existence has been changed to the force of money.

Christmas came into being to celebrate the fact that the savior, Jesus Christ, was born to earth to die for life’s sins. It was a holiday meant for giving, for showing love to your loved ones without greedy wants coming in to play. Then came along good old human life and what did we do? We went and ruined it.

Christmas is now for getting presents instead of giving, for decorating the Christmas tree and putting out cookies for Santa and not our Savior.

Even those of you who don’t believe, because you don’t have to and even I have struggles with it, even you have ruined Christmas to greed.

The society has put up Santa all throughout the Christmas season so that parents “can’t disappoint their kids and tell them that Santa isn’t real”

Santa’s not real. There is no magical being up in the North Pole handing out toys to greedy little kids. All you’re doing, is making your children believe in some made up Christmas representation, only to crush their tiny dreams later and tell them that he’s not actually real, we just made you think so because we thought it would be cute to put you on Santa’s fake ass lap and watch you cry. ¬†


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