Daily Post: Interplanet Janet


Daily Post: Interplanet Janet

A regae color swooshed into tie dye

spinning and spinning until 


depression nonexistent



sunny and warm




no death

no sadness

no hurt

no pain

                               only COLOR

calming herbs

spark it up~~~~

cloud over                     harm

                                                     foggy flame,

                                                             foggy world.


Slipping in to temptation


Today was a struggle but I have to say, it was worth it. 

Chillin’ outside at lunch, tokin’ on your birthday with friends?

Good day for me, not the smartest decision, but worth it.

Just the slow descent of falling into a nice, low high, it’s like a beautiful painting, moving into depth with more strokes of color, deeper and deeper until the painting begins its flight back up before its over and the final picture pieced together.

That’s what its like to fall into a high, slow and peaceful, and fully contented.

Its the struggle of being outside of that high that causes me to go back for more, that makes me thirst for the fog that wanders over my mind, the cloud covers up all the bad stuff that I don’t want to remember and lets me feel as free as a bird with wings.