The Guilt that Haunts Me


The Guilt that Haunts Me

First cut 

First hit

First sip

First pill            

                    open gate 

                    painted walls

                    broken window                    

                    lock undone

First cut

First hit

First sip

First pill                    

                     car door opened

                     few things stolen

                     one guy yelled

                    running caught


One regret hits the heart

No regrets for me





Lungs full, weighed down, no escapes are left 

I’m drowned. 


Daily Post- Mad as a Hatter


Daily Post- Mad as a Hatter

Rage is something that scares me to my deepest core. 

I’ve seen the nightmares of my father shoving my mom through walls and screaming on endlessly over spilled soup. 

I’ve witnessed my brother so angry, that I watched him take an ax and hammer it time and time again, into a large tree by the porch. 

I’ve seen myself, wallowing in self-misery, erupt into a volcano of action, throwing fists into cement walls and screaming to the extent of my lungs capacity. My whole body uncontrollably shaking, my eyes dripping tears like a broken faucet set out to flood the world.