Keep breathing


I haven’t been around in a few days and that’s because I’ve been having a pretty hard time. I can’t really explain why…I can’t seem to understand and I am trying to be okay with NOT understanding but it’s difficult, it’s something a person wants to be able to do with everything is just to understand because that’s really all a person can do. When you can’t…its’s like you’re lost, and being lost is hard to deal with. 

My depression is building up and raging a storm inside of me. I don’t know how to stop it because I don’t understand. All I want for myself is to be happy, is that so much to ask? I just want to feel good and okay and at peace with myself and everyone. Why can’t that be something within my reach? Everyone should be given the opportunity to be always happy, always joyful and always free. 

Free, true freedom. That’s another talk, for another time that I can’t wait to have. 

I’m reaching out with my blog because I need help. My usual coping skills are slightly unreachable right now as I do not have the funds or the weather to use them, it must be the snow for I cannot for the life if me think of anything else. I wish I could control it, I’m sick of not being the one in charge and letting my emotions get the best of me. 

Does it really have to be that hard? It doesn’t make any logical sense to me. 

I want to live in the summer and take my board out every single day and relax in the warmth and the breezy sun and just cruise down empty streets, paved smooth like riding on butter. Move along life with nothing but the sun at my back and a beer in one hand and a joint/cigarette in the other, as I ride toward open ocean and the smell of salty, sea spray stinging my nose. What a life it would be, always a camera around my neck to snap the pictures coming into view because the opportunities are always there. 

I find it amazing how I can sit at my laptop and start writing and immediately feel so much better, what about you? How do you want to live, what do you want to do, where do you want to be? The perfect day, moment, lifetime, what is it? 


Down low


breathe it in

let it all out

that first inhale is bringing in everything good in the world, 

                                                                        in your life.

when you exhale, all the bullshit that ties up your brain and muddles your senses, 

                            just floats away on and endless cloud of smoke. 

tension massaged from your body

stress released with thc

the pain sought out from your whole being

just don’t forget to breathe.

~~~ ❤

Daily Post: Interplanet Janet


Daily Post: Interplanet Janet

A regae color swooshed into tie dye

spinning and spinning until 


depression nonexistent



sunny and warm




no death

no sadness

no hurt

no pain

                               only COLOR

calming herbs

spark it up~~~~

cloud over                     harm

                                                     foggy flame,

                                                             foggy world.



I realize that I literally just posted, but I got all fired up with that and I have some more I would like to say. 

I rant, a lot. There is just so much pent up aggression inside my tiny body and I have a lot to say. 

My fire was born when I was little, I got it from my dad. (Mine just might be a little bit more tamed to say the least.)

It’s fed by this dumb ass thing we call life. 

Society fills that life up. 

I’m sick of society. 

We started out as a hardworking people. We were more advanced than anybody, always moving forward, working to make our lives better, easier, simpler. 

I think we just got too good at it. 

Our lives are too easy now and we take all of that for granted. We have given over the lead to Europe and Asia, let go of the reins and became worthless pigs only looking for a good time and a burger. 

Nobody tries anymore. Americans have given up hope on life and just stopped caring. The smallest struggle becomes the world and a reason for suicide. The tiniest mistake becomes a hammer to the face and a reason for that first cut. 

All the worst things have become a new “fad” to the public eye. 

Cutting, suicide, and depression are NOT fads. 

Depression is a serious condition, in which the brain has a chemical imbalance and does not function like the regular human being.

Those of you out there throwing your bloody arms out for the world because you don’t have enough attention, are the ones who have given those with a real medical condition a bad name.

There are people out there, so deep into pain and sadness that they just can’t function and truly believe that life on earth is unbearable.  They will lie in wake, struggling to the point where they can’t differentiate reality from dreams/nightmares and slice open their wrists to feel alive again and find some sort of solid ground. 

Then there are those, who lie. They just lie in bed and find boredom. They are so genuinely bored, that they decide to be depressed. They tell people that they are “just done” and need to die because no one cares about them and they show them the cuts on their arm for proof. They take pictures of the blood beading up on their skin and post them to tumblr and instagram, hoping for some kind of sympathy and security that they’re not going insane, they’re just “depressed”.

If you were depressed, then you would get your ass out of bed and get professional help and not sit there, ripping your arms to shreds  and put the pictures on social media hoping for people to give you some goddamn attention. 

Cutting is not an excuse, it’s a problem. 

Suicide is not a show-stopper, it’s an escape. 

Now, I’m not talking to those of you who hid the fact that you were so upset you felt the need to release yourself from mental pain, I’m not talking to those of you who got help for your issues.

I’m talking to the ones who dragged problems into their lives for an excuse to get some freaking attention, because god-knows you don’t have enough of that.