Daily Post: Interplanet Janet


Daily Post: Interplanet Janet

A regae color swooshed into tie dye

spinning and spinning until 


depression nonexistent



sunny and warm




no death

no sadness

no hurt

no pain

                               only COLOR

calming herbs

spark it up~~~~

cloud over                     harm

                                                     foggy flame,

                                                             foggy world.


Picture Perfect


I’ve always wanted to be a photographer and soon you’ll see my work. Photography is a thing that’s pulled me in all of my life. I want to be able to tell a story, show people through my photos that there is hope and there is a life outside your chaos. Your mind tells a different kind of story, one you’re not in control of, With photos, you can capture the beauty that you don’t have the ability to see otherwise. It proves that there is life, and it’s full of light! You can feel alive without harming yourself further. It is possible for you to be able to work through your problems just by looking at the joy in the world through another persons’ eyes.