Daily Post: Interplanet Janet


Daily Post: Interplanet Janet

A regae color swooshed into tie dye

spinning and spinning until 


depression nonexistent



sunny and warm




no death

no sadness

no hurt

no pain

                               only COLOR

calming herbs

spark it up~~~~

cloud over                     harm

                                                     foggy flame,

                                                             foggy world.




Lugubrious, a word i recently learned (about 20 minutes ago) in Composition Literature 9. My second hour class at Grandville High School. 

Wednesdays are special for we learn a new word every time, “Wacky Word Wednesday,” cheesy and cliche I know, but today was rather interesting. 

Lugubrious (adj) meaning, excessive mourning. 

What a word, so new and wild, but meaning something so sad, yet soothing. It’s such a wonder how much one word can impact a persons’ feelings. I heard her say it and immediately started to think about my depression. Excessive mourning over long ass periods of time. Its hard, it really is. Listening to someone so easily, pushing out a word that you have so much difficulty with is completely crazy. It doesn’t make sense that something like that could just be so simple. 

Why does one person have to have it so hard and another so easy. 

Is one person thought as better than another so their lives just get to be so much simpler?

Is one person meant to become suicidal while the other is so pro-life?

Why can’t everyone just have the urge to want to live with everything they have? 

It doesn’t make sense to me, life just doesn’t make sense and I guess it’s not supposed to. If there really is some higher force up there, then He should know what’s going on. The one person who knows why people were put on earth with different choices, ideas, different struggles and hardships. 

Sometimes I just wish everyone was able to be free.